Buy “My Sicily”

My Sicily – Synopsis:   “My Sicily” is a collection of my personal memories, reflections and impressions as I associate them with each individual place of my native island of Sicilia.  Genre:  Travel/Memoir.  255 pages.   Buy your copy today!!!!



$35.00  USA or International Purchase (handling and shipping included)


30 euros in Europe   (handling and shipping included)

*if Paypal button doesn’t work, click on link below to  complete your purchase with credit card.


To buy go to  If you have an account, enter your information otherwise create a new account.  Select option to send “money to family and friends.”  You can pay via credit or debit card from anywhere in the world.  Send payment to       If you wish to have an autographed copy, kindly include the name of the person the book is for and/or any special occasion they are receiving the book for so that I will personally write a note to them.  Thank you for your interest and purchase! 


My Sicily Cover  (click on this link to view final book cover)



6 thoughts on “Buy “My Sicily”

    1. Dear Lori: thanks for the wonderful suggestion! I have been asked before but have really not pursued this idea yet — let’s see what 2014 will bring….It might be one of the new projects I’ll devote myself to. Have a joyful holiday season! Francesca

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