Multilingual Publications

*Translator {Italian, Latin, English} ~ “Il Giovane Provveduto” {2014/2015}  by Saint John Bosco.  To be published in the USA March-June 2015.

*Recognized as “Sicilian Female Entrepreneurial Excellency Abroad”  {2014}

*Participant {Italian, English} ~ Premio Letterario Internazionale Citta’ di Como, Italy {2014}

*Appearance on “Community” Program on Rai International {November 10, 2014}

*Winner {First Classified in the World} ~  “Sicilia Mondo” Literary Award, Catania, Sicily {2013}

*Author {English, Sicilian, Italian} ~ “My Sicily” {2012} – Travel and Memoir. 

*Interview on National Italian Television- October 2012:

*Translator {English, Italian} ~ “The Story of My Life” {2011}  – Memoir and Life of Antonio Frustaci, a Calabrese American.

*Participant {English} ~ International Poetry Festival, Case Western University, Cleveland {2011}

*Participant {Italian, English} ~ Laboratorio Letterario Gutenberg, Rome, Italy {2011}

*Screenwriter {English, Italian} ~  “Uomini Liberi” {2009/2010}  – Adapted Maria Giovanna Mirano’s book into a screenplay for television/film.   Collaborated with Italian Film Director, Piero Sanna.

*Editor In Chief {Italian, English} ~ “La Gazzetta Italiana”  {2007-2009}

*Researcher, Writer, Translator {English, Portuguese} ~ “Paginas Da Vida,” Brazilian Soap Opera.  Joint writing with Dr. Arvind Singhal,  Professor Emeritus of International Communication.  Collaboration with Rede Globo in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil {2007}

*Author ~ Conversational Cards for the Practice and Promotion of the Italian Language in the Classroom and Outside {Italian, English}.  Cengage Publisher, Boston {2007}

*Winner {First Classified in the World} ~  “Sicilia Mondo” Literary Award, Catania, Sicily {2007}

*Director, Producer, Writer {Italian, Sicilian, English} ~ “Sicilian Puppet Theatre as a Means of Communication and Identity Over Time”   – Documentary filmed throughout Sicily  {2004-2006} 

*Screenwriter, Producer {English}  ~  “First Look Media” & “EUE Screen Gems” {2004-2006}  New York City & Los Angeles.


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  1. Francesca, congratulations on your Blog. Love it. I have always enjoyed your writing…Come and Visit! Good luck. Best, Veronica

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