Moving to Sicily: 5 essential tips

There are lessons and lessons in life.  There are those that are pure beauty and inspiration, those we must all face as growing pains, those that were totally unplanned but you were meant to face to become stronger, lastly there are those that made absolutely no sense.   Life is a journey, and if there are lessons we can share to help others in their own journey, it is our responsibility to do so.

After much consideration, my family decided to move back to Sicily in September 2015.   The past 6 months have been incredibly filled with new and revisited lessons for us, as many inspirational and unforgettable moments as well as tragi-comic ones.  Thankfully, we are equipped with deep faith, strong spirit and a good sense of humor.  I have been reminded along the way, that if you have these three – you will be ok anywhere in the world.  So, let’s talk Sicily.

If you have always dreamed of or considered moving to the sunny island of Sicily – I am here to share five of many essential tips to consider before a change of sea.   Please know that these are tips based on our personal experience and only an introduction.  We are experts in Sicily {and Italy} and can be of further assistance to you and your family for further consultations.  We live here.  We are all fully trilingual {Sicilian, Italian, English}  and also speak a few other languages {Spanish, French, Portuguese}.  We have studied, lived, worked and traveled internationally and have developed a cultural sensitivity towards others.  We would be honored and delighted to hear your stories and assist you in making your dream a reality step by step!

5 Essential Tips for Moving to Sicily

  1.  Research Sicilian destinations that may be of interest to you and travel a few times to the exact city/town/village where you envision living.  Perhaps, do so in different seasons so that you get a real taste of what life is about during the entire year.
  2. Strategize an exact budget for the purchase and renovation of your house but also living expenses.  This is also based on your exact wish:  will you retire in Sicily? do you plan to buy a home just for vacationing a few months of the year? do you plan to raise your family with small children in Sicily? do you just want a weekend hideaway on the island? If you plan to simply rent – then we need to discuss other considerations.
  3. Plan at least one full year {I repeat: at least one full year, if not a bit longer} for a full property renovation.  Buying property in Sicily is not as easy as it seems or you may think – we have the local knowledge and connections to real estate agents and brokers. You will also need a lot of guidance and assistance {and translations} of the necessary legal and official documentation needed.  We will act as your representatives, interpreters, liaisons until your project is completed.
  4. Sign up for an Italian language class today!  Though it is incredible to see how many children and young people in Sicily speak English today – in tourist cities more than in smaller towns/villages {global technologies have certainly contributed to this and allowed us to be more connected worldwide} – if you plan to retreat in a smaller town, off the beaten path, the majority of the population will be older and only speak Sicilian or Italian.
  5. The process of assimilation into any culture, Sicilian or not, will take a minimum of a year.  Along the way you may experience culture shock {or reverse culture shock}, feelings of nostalgia, loneliness, estrangement but do not let these feelings overwhelm you.  If you do your research well and consider the pros and cons for your life as analytically as possible {we can help you assess and define these goals also and sincerely tell you whether Sicily is the best destination for you}, you will not have any regrets.  So what are you waiting for ? Contact us today – we are passionate about our native island and culture and thank you for choosing and trusting our family to help you in this beautiful chapter of your lives!

The above article is copyrights of Author Francesca Mignosa, 2016.  Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and owner is strictly prohibited. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to Francesca Mignosa and with appropriate and specific direction to the original content.

Casa Barocca in Sicilia {Copyright Francesca Mignosa 2016}
Casa Barocca in Sicilia {Copyright Francesca Mignosa 2016}

6 thoughts on “Moving to Sicily: 5 essential tips

  1. Excellent pointers! And what a bonus if people desiring to move to Sicily could have native assistance!

    Sent from my iPad


  2. The question I have is how much it costs to live in Sicily. Suppose I wanted to rent a room with board in a good village but not a city, in RG province. Any thoughts what that would cost?

  3. Glad you are blogging again Francesca! Loved this. I am hoping to come to Sicily again in a couple of years. Was last here in 2013. I’ve thought of you whenever I see your book on my shelf. Nice to see your face on facebok too. Do you have any insights/blogs with genealogy at all? I’ve wondered as I have gone about trying to find my Nonna’s birthplace. Keep running into empty trails. Happily I can trace my roots on my grandfather’s side back to 1700’s in Cianciana , Sicily. I belong to a group on Facebook and have tried all the obvious but no luck. I am determined though and will look until my last breathe. Will I ever retire to Sicily? Wouldn’t that be something? Only God knows. In the meantime keep writing!!!! Blessings to you and your family as you resettle in beloved Sicily.

    Ciao~Vittoria Soldano


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