New Blog Design & 35,000+++ readers!!!

Dearest Loyal Readers,

Hope this email finds you and your families well.   On the occasion of March 8 “International Women’s Day” I am excited to announce the relaunch of my blog with a brand new, fresh and more contemporary design!  Please spend some time navigating and enjoying it.    I’m happy to share that as of today, the blog has reached more than 35,000 readers worldwide!  Thank you for your unending support of my writing and business ventures.   Many are brewing as I write and I can’t wait to reveal them.  So help me by sharing my blog posts with your family and friends and please don’t hesitate to contact me personally for any travel/writing/multilingual inquiry, I am always delighted to hear from all of you and offer my expertise for beautiful, inspirational and memorable experiences.

Stay tuned for a series of new reflections and perspectives I have been working on very soon….

Grazie e a presto!


The fishing village of Brucoli, Sicily {Copyright Francesca Mignosa 2016}
The fishing village of Brucoli, Sicily {Copyright Francesca Mignosa 2016}

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  1. Bob @ tisthethinman says:


    BobbySent from my iPhone


  2. Gloria Camillo says:

    Ciao Francesca! Hope all is well and your family is all settled in now. What is everyone doing ?

    1. I will write you privately Gloria, thanks for your support!

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