My translation of Saint John Bosco’s “Il Giovane Provveduto {1885}” soon published in the USA!


Buon Pomeriggio Cari Lettori/Good Afternoon Dear Readers,

Happy New Year!!

I’m humbled and delighted to open the new year announcing that, after three months of work, I’ve completed the English translation of a very special manuscript written by Saint John Bosco in 1885  entitled “Il Giovane Provveduto.” 


I must thank Father Gabriel Lavery, CMRI, Resident Priest of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Akron {where Latin Mass is still served today!} for reaching out and inviting me to partake in this very special project.  

Although this is not the first English translation of the manuscript – this will be the most accurate and complete based on the 101st edition of the manuscript highlighting the teachings, prayers and spiritual advice Saint John Bosco wrote specifically for the youth.   Father Lavery will now review the work and we expect a publication  in the USA sometime between March and June 2015.   I will certainly let you know here on the blog – where you will also be able to purchase a copy-  so stay tuned! 

I want to close with a special quote by Saint John Bosco

“Walk with your feet on Earth, but your heart in Heaven.”

Thank you for your kind attention and interest.  

May 2015 be a blessed year for all of you and your families!  

Grazie, Francesca

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15 thoughts on “My translation of Saint John Bosco’s “Il Giovane Provveduto {1885}” soon published in the USA!

  1. Really !! Wonderful Fra!! Can’t wait.

    Much pride I have for you.

    Pardon my grammar.

    We need to go to the Latin Mass.

    BobbySent from my iPhone


  2. I have just found this after looking for an English translation, which was up until now very elusive. I very much look forward to when this is available!

    1. Thanks for your inquiry on this publication – although i completed my work as a translator, the rest of the book is still being written/edited and therefore its publication delayed. I will certainly announce it again when it’s completed. Sorry about this, unfortunately it’s beyond my control. Thanks for your interest and support.

  3. Would you, please, inform me when the book is printed? Thanks. If you think that, for whatever reason, it is NOT going to be printed, are you able and willing to share the English version with me as a word file or a pdf file? I would be very grateful.

    1. Hi George and thanks for your email. Sorry but there is a stop on the editing/printing side of the project and I simply have no news to share on the project :( I have contacted my editor once again and will let you know if we can share the translation with you, there may be perhaps be a cost involved. I will be in touch as soon as I hear back. Thanks for your interest.

  4. If you are in need of a publisher, St. Aidan Press may be able to help you. A traditional Catholic family run business, they are able to edit, digitally typeset, and print on demand at low cost. Their website is Hope the process gets unstuck soon, and God bless your efforts!

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