Buon Natale e Un Felicissimo 2015 !!!

Carissimi Lettori ~ Dearest Readers,

My cucina is scented with French vanilla and cinnamon as I write this post to you – I just prepared an All American French Toast and freshly squeezed orange juice breakfast {cappuccinos were present too!} for our special guests visiting from Sicily this holiday season.  It seems breakfast was very well received – but I wanted to publish this message and share my Holiday Wishes with all of you as early as possible this morning.  

We are two days away from Christmas and I’m sure you are all busy getting and wrapping last minute presents, finalizing your menus for the two most important dinners of the season, organizing the very last details.   As you know, it is my tradition, to step away from technology and go on a soulful detox/cleanse until the New Year.   This is quiet time for me.  I’m probably one of the few left who believes in pen and paper and the scent of books and the magic of live human interactions and communication over real coffee or tea.  I appreciate technology, don’t give me wrong, it’s thanks to the internet that we were able to meet :) but I also feel there is an overload today. 

I hope you will do the same and revisit all the life lessons , the ones you planned, the ones that surprised you, the ones you had no power over, that 2014 gave you in every realm of your life……in preparation of your best year yet, 2015!   

One of my most memorable moments in 2014, really one of my ultimate life dreams, came true:  visiting Luigi Pirandello’s Home located in Contrada Caos in Agrigento, Sicily!   I visited with my family, the people who first believed and saw me write at the age of 5 years old in my hometown of Augusta…..those who have followed every step of my literary journey…..and returned with me as a published Author.   You know, writing for me is just a part of who I am, I learned very early on in life that imagination was as much a part of my body as my hands and feet and eyes and nose…..and I was always encouraged by my parents {my first teachers} to nurture this profound love, as simple as that.    I will reflect on my visit in the upcoming months, when my mind will take me there, I hope that you will also visit this special Sicilian destination one day.   Everything made sense to me during this visit – I felt deeply connected to an Author I so admire and love.  His words, life story and expressive language resonate so deeply within me.  I’m including a photo from that special day in September 2014.

What will 2015 reserve all of us….? Chissa’.  What I can tell you is that we are finalizing plans for one {or two} tours I will lead in either spring or fall or both – so if you’d like to travel to La Bella Italia with me, I would be delighted and honored to accompany and guide you through the beauty and wonders of my native land.   For months now, I’ve also been involved in two very special projects that I will share with all of you when the time is right.   Though I’m a writer, I don’t like people that “talk and talk,” make promises they don’t follow through, have no substance {an inherently Sicilian trait by the way, the so called “sustanza“}, I like to talk when I have something to share/announce, most of all I hope that my gestures/facts will speak for themselves.   These are two very special projects that I’m super excited to share with you, so stay tuned.

Now, forgive me, it’s time to go.   My wishes for you and your famiglie and all your loved ones are very simple and sincere:  I wish you good health, lots of AMORE & ALLEGRIA {joy}, prosperity and light in every realm of your life…….with the New Year, may New Beginnings fill your life with your heart’s truest desires.      

Buon Natale e un Felicissimo 2015!!!!

Con Tanto Amore e Gratitudine,


Casa di Luigi Pirandello, Contrada Caos, Agrigento, Sicily  {Copyright  Francesca Mignosa}
Casa di Luigi Pirandello, Contrada Caos, Agrigento, Sicily {Copyright Francesca Mignosa}

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