New blog design for 2015!

Buonasera cari lettori…..the entire blog has been polished up, retouched, improved in navigation….take some time to browse all pages.  The feeling is that of almost taking you to my home in Sicily, in Italy, or to my “imaginary” home as a writer, this project is nothing but a project of love/un progetto d’amore.   When I think of all the steps, the directions, the new friends, the good energy and vibrations, the positivity, the progress and path this small project has made in the past few years — I am, time and time again, amazed.   Thank you for opening your doors, your computers, your organizations, your hearts to this Sicilian American Global writer, a mix mash of “je ne sais quoi,” a curious and thirsty traveler, a lover of delicious soulful food, engaging company and good laughter, an avid reader and researcher, an aficionado of expression and languages.  Stay tuned for 2015 news, events, tours, photos and lots more to be revealed in the coming months!  The header picture is one of my newest favorite destinations for a stroll, un caffe’ or un aperitivo in Sicily:  the fishing village of Marzamemi, in South Eastern Sicily, in the most Baroque corner of the island.  Buonanotte, a presto.  Francesca


Marzamemi, Sicily  {Copyright Francesca Mignosa}
Marzamemi, Sicily {Copyright Francesca Mignosa}

4 thoughts on “New blog design for 2015!

  1. Francesca the typeface is too light. It is hard to see in the light blue background. It might be more visible if you bold it but I would also increase the contrast by choosing a lighter background color. I looked it in Chrome, Safari and IE with Win 8.1

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