My Sicily Giveaway: 27,000++ !!!

Buonasera Cari Lettori/Good Evening Dear Readers ~

3 years ago exactly this week, I decided to launch this blog and began writing my first book, My Sicily.  First this incubator of ideas was born to document my Italian classes, then local Italian-American events, then interviews with prominent Italian-American excellencies, then it became a container for my book tour, finally a platform to travel through the Mediterranean through photo-blogging and personal reflections.  Tonight, we have reached 27,045 readers.  Really, GRAZIE/THANK YOU for keeping me company and supporting my writing and other projects throughout this time.  As a very small token of gratitude, I like to give away a free, autographed copy of My Sicily at the condition that you answer one question honestly and genuinely.  This time, I would like to give away a book to a person, group, school or organization in need that may enjoy/appreciate reading the book.  What is their story? Why would receiving this gift be meaningful for them? In which way, could My Sicily help them?

More reflections from Sicily in the upcoming days.  Per adesso/for now, mille grazie e buonanotte.   Francesca




2 thoughts on “My Sicily Giveaway: 27,000++ !!!

  1. Francesca, Thank You so much for All the beautiful Posts Of Sicily As Well As The Posts Of The Italian American Festivities Happening Across The Country. The Posts Of Sicily Take Me Back To My Journey There In Sept. ’03.
    Will You Be Attending The Little Italy Festa In San Diego ThIs October?

    1. Thanks for your support Lena !!! Sorry but I won’t be at the Italian Festa in San Diego this October……but I’m always invited for the spring festival. You never know, we may meet again one of these upcoming springs in California! Grazie!!!

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