24,000++: My Sicily Giveaway!!!

Buongiorno/Good Morning!!

As of this morning the blog has reached 24,030 readers across the globe!! Thank you!!Grazie!!

Stay tuned for travelogue diaries I will soon share about my travels through the Mediterranean:  a special series on Malta, Toscana, Puglia, Rome and much more on Sicily!!

For this giveaway, I’d like to know : “Are you or someone you know traveling to Sicily any time soon? What will the purpose of your travel be?  How can “My Sicily” help/inspire your upcoming travels?”

It will be my pleasure, as always, to mail one free autographed copy of my book anywhere in the globe.

Grazie di cuore, my house is jumping with joy today :) SMILE :) Stay tuned for some gorgeous and lively travel photography as well as some very inspired travel writing.




2 thoughts on “24,000++: My Sicily Giveaway!!!

  1. Buon giorno Francesca! While I am not going to Sicily this year last year’s trip was my 4th time traveling to Sicily/Italy, and while every trip is memorable this was the trip of a lifetime. I got to go with my aunt and uncle on a tour all over Italy, and we jumped off the tour to travel to the hometown of my Nonno-my uncle’s father…Cianciana Sicila. I love your blog and the picture of you in front of the Temple of Concordia makes me smile with joy every time I see it!!! I have a picture of the temple on canvas over my fireplace. I love your blog and pictures and they keep me dreaming and inspired until the next time I get to go and breathe in my roots :) I read the blog, look at the pictures and if I close my eyes I am there….Early 1900’s: ~Like my auntie said as we stood over the high top of Cianciana~honey it must have been such a hard life for Nano and Nana to leave such a beautiful place. Sicilia…always in my heart~always in my thoughts. pace bene e amore~vittoria

    1. Victoria: thanks for following my blog and for your sweet comment. Kindly email me your address at mignosafrancesca@gmail.com and I will be happy to forward you a copy of My Sicily! If you can also let me know who I should sign it for (you, a friend, a family member)? Grazie Mille and happy to learn about your family story……grazie, a presto. Francesca

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