Italy Blogger Awards !!!

Buon Pomeriggio Cari Lettori/Good Afternoon Dear Readers!

If you enjoy reading my bilingual blog {Ital/Eng} and would like to nominate it for “Italy Blogger Awards” kindly click on the link below and send an email. Different categories included. I’ve copied and pasted the description for nominations below.  Share with your family and friends. Grazie mille!!!  Francesca



We are in love with Italy and our mission is to create a long-lasting conversation with lovers of Italy across the world, acting as the “bridge to Italy”. To recognise the incredible work and contribution of many passionate bloggers to building that “bridge to Italy” we care so much about, we have created the ITALY Magazine Blogger Awards.

We talk everyday to lovers of all things Italian across the web through our website, our newsletter, Facebook and Twitter, and consider bloggers who share the same passion for Italy a great resource for our readers. They take us all along on every trip, share their recipes and photos, tell us about their homes and continue to inspire us and our readers to explore Italy even further, one post at a time.

These awards are a way to acknowledge the great contribution of Italy dedicated blogs to our mission all over the world. We are now accepting nominations for the following categories:

  • Best Food Blog
  • Best Single Recipe
  • Best Travel Blog
  • Best Single Travel Post
  • Best Art & Culture Blog
  • Best Single Post Art & Culture Blog
  • Best Fashion & Design Blog
  • Best Single Fashion & Design Post
  • Best Living in Italy Blog
  • Best Living in Italy Single Post
  • Best Overall Blog for lovers of Italy


Complete your nomination online  :


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