My Sicily giveaway: 21,000 followers!!

Buongiorno a tutti!! Good Morning everyone!!

Happy to share with you that we have reached 21,000 followers on the blog this morning!!

Since it’s the holiday season, I’m doubly happy to gift you with one, free, autographed copy of “My Sicily”!  This time I would simply like to know: who would you give this one to ? And why?

Grazie di cuore and enjoy this holiday season with your family and friends ~ it is one of my favorite times of the year…..primarily for the heightened spirit of giving, that “feeling” in all of us and the time spent with those we love the most.

A presto,  Francesca



2 thoughts on “My Sicily giveaway: 21,000 followers!!

  1. My wife…a calabresa married to a siciliano!! oh no!! I tell her all the time…but honey…the Kingdom of Sicily included Calabria!! ;o)

    1. Ciao Papa Rod/Sicilian Frog :) thanks for stopping by frequently on my blog!! Yes, Calabria is very close to Sicilia and Napoli the head and tail of the Kingdom of Two Sicilies (Calabria right in the middle :) …..kindly send me your address at and I will be delighted to forward you a signed copy of My Sicily for your wife! Grazie mille e Buon Natale! Francesca

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