20,000 ++ My Sicily Giveaway !

Rise and Shine everybody!  Buongiorno!!

As of this morning, we are 20,090 friends on this blog !!  It is an unbelievable milestone for me, the exact combination of all the incredible new friends, experiences, events, travels and lessons learned during this dense year of “My Sicily.”

It will be my pleasure to give away one free, autographed copy of “My Sicily” wherever you may live in the globe.  Since the holiday season is soon approaching, I thought that you might use the book as a gift, perhaps? So,  I’d like to know from you:  Who would you give a copy of “My Sicily” to  and why?

The most meaningful/entertaining answer will win.  I will announce on the Blog and Facebook in the coming days and look forward to read your answers!

GRAZIE di CUORE for keeping me company on this beautiful journey – you have all impacted my life tremendously.

With much gratitude, Francesca



2 thoughts on “20,000 ++ My Sicily Giveaway !

  1. I think that Bishop Christie A Macaluso of the Hartford Archdiocese would very much enjoy your ‘My Sicily’. He is very much Sicilian. We often discussed the origins of the Macaluso faction beginning in Isola delle Femmine

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