Ferragosto in Sicily / New Blog Design!

Buongiorno e Buon Ferragosto a Tutti!!! 

Most Sicilians revere “Ferragosto” {August 15} as an almost “holy” holiday …starting from yesterday {August 14} – when we begin celebrating this time off by throwing a “catu d’acqua” {a bucket of water} in front of  each entrance door in our homes to refresh the souls of those long gone – and as we reminisce about our loved ones, we cleanse our own lives and purify in preparation of a much awaited long weekend or week  of holiday.  During this entire time, we shift into “dolce far niente” mode {“sweetness of doing nothing”},  as our long awaited “ferie” {vacation/time off} kick in.  It is a time to slow yourself and your family completely down, a time to “simply be,” to detox, detach,  disconnect, to make the most of the last days of summer.  I swear, if you were looking for a dog or a cat on the streets you would have a hard time finding one ;)  Everyone floats to  their “campagne” {summer/country homes} or the nearest beach to sunbathe and enjoy the freshest seafood picked daily.  Ferragosto in Sicily equals all shades of blue………..just like one of my most favorite beaches, that of Fontanebianche {also used in the cover of “My Sicily”!}.   Today marks my second year anniversary of blogging and documenting all the adventures of “My Sicily” across America.  I want to thank you all for your constant love and support and “allegria” {joy}.  Never would I have imagined that we would reach nearly 19,000 followers.  We are departing for Europe and, as you know, I will be busy guiding two groups through Sicily, Malta and Italy so please forgive me if I will  not write as often – but you can be sure that Europe will provide much inspiration to share and report back on upon my return.   I  leave you now with a brand new blog redesigned, reimagined {hope you enjoy navigating this new “space”, let me know what you think!}, I will have plenty more events and news that we have been working on to share from October onwards {exciting!}.  For now, enjoy a slice of Ferragosto in Sicily, I hope that you will also take some time off to refocus, clarify and cleanse your body, mind and spirit……………grazie di cuore………….sempre con tanto tanto AMORE,   Francesca

Pescespada siciliano grigliato / Grilled swordfish from Sicily
Pescespada siciliano grigliato / Grilled swordfish from Sicily


Brioche con granita alla mandorla........Brioche with almond granita/Sicilian ice
Brioche con granita alla mandorla……..Brioche with almond granita/Sicilian ice
Fontanebianche, Sicily
Fontanebianche, Sicily



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