Un regalo per le emozioni e l’immaginazione di piccolini e nonni…

Today was a very special day for me…. I spent the morning with Father Richards, whose family migrated from Agrigento, Sicily.  When we first moved to the USA, the very first community of “Italian” speakers I met was that of Our Lady of Mt Carmel West.  Having just arrived from Sicily, it was almost “strange” for me to hear “Italian” being spoken in this neighborhood….considered one of the oldest and first Italian neighborhoods of Cleveland…..through the years we have participated annually in all of the festivals held on site, masses, Italian language courses for adults and children.  As most of you know by now, I’m a firm believer in EDUCATION for anyone, at any age, no matter your background.  It doesn’t matter where you come from, “Knowledge will always be a Grand Palace,” opening doors you didn’t even know existed……in honor of this, I donated 30 books to the children of Our Lady of Mt Carmel West Parish School in preparation for the new academic year with every good wish for their dreams, imagination and the brightest of futures….

Father Richards and Francesca at Our Lady of Mt Carmel West
Father Richards and Francesca at Our Lady of Mt Carmel West


In the afternoon, I paid a special visit to another group of wonderful people….I spent a few hours with my Nonna {grandmother} and her friends in the nursing home/assisted living where she now resides.  It was thanks to my Nonni, who migrated from Brucoli, Sicily in 1956 that we were able to be born into a multicultural and multilingual environment and move to the USA in 1997.  They were the “American” pioneers of our family.  In honor of both of my Nonni, Giovanna and Giuseppe, who always represented “My Sicily in the USA”, with special memories of my Nonno Giuseppe from whom I inherited my love for reading and writing…..I wanted to give back a little something to the “reading/cultural group” that meets weekly….today I spent the afternoon reading and discussing Sicilian culture, cuisine and many other aspects of our culture with twenty or so residents and donated 20 books as a very small gift, un regalo per i ricordi e le emozioni di due gruppi speciali di piccolini e nonni….  Here are some of the sweetest snapshots from my afternoon.   Next week, I will report on a few other special meetings I have scheduled……have a wonderful weekend.

My Nonna Giovanna
My Beautiful Nonna Giovanna
Olga, 94 years old next month, half Russian, half Yugoslavian....she "had" to take a picture with a writer....:) God bless her!
Olga, 94 years old next month, half Russian, half Yugoslavian….she “had” to take a picture with a writer….:) What a personality! God bless her!
A few of Nonna's friends
A few of Nonna’s friends





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