My Sicily on !!

Thanks to Frank Lieggi, Publisher of, for including an excerpt on My Sicily in his renowned portal of Italian Cultural Media in the “Heritage and Culture” Section.  I’m so excited and thankful.   You may read the excerpt directly on the website at the link below – I have also copied and pasted here for everybody.  Have a wonderful weekend!


“My Sicily: Life in the Cusp of the Mediterranean Sea” (2012) is Francesca Mignosa’s first book.  The Author was born and raised in Augusta, Sicily where she developed her imagination and love for writing.  Through the years she has been recognized for her short stories, screenplays and articles in Italy and in the USA.  In 2007 and 2013 she was the winner, first classified in the world, of the literary award “Sicilia Mondo” for her writing and role as cultural ambassador.

In “My Sicily” the author describes her favorite destinations on the enchanted and fragrant island of Sicilia –  along her kaleidoscopic journey she dots the pages of her book with reflections on the Sicilian cuisine and ingredients, emerging Sicilian wines, festivals but also ponders on language, intertwining a number of Sicilian proverbs and words on her pages – she believes strongly in language as a reflection of her people and their identity and worldview.  If you love history, architecture, art, culture, spirituality – the book will provide an in depth look at all aspects of Sicilian culture and identity per destination.  A personal and travel memoir through her native island of “a thousand scents and colors,” we know that “My Sicily” will ignite and inspire all of your senses.
The author is busy with her book tour across America this entire 2013.   For updates, photos, reflections on her journey and Sicilian/Sicilian American culture – we invite you to follow her blog at  where you will also be able to purchase a book ($25) or follow the Author on Facebook at “Francesca V. Mignosa- Author of My Sicily”

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