April 6: “My Sicily” booksigning at Fragapane Sicilian bakery!

Buongiorno e Buona Pasquetta a tutti i Siciliani in Sicily e ai Siciliani/Italiani all’estero che festeggerEMO col pensiero ;)) Oggi, voglio condividere un dolce dell’Italia Meridionale, una ricetta della nostra famiglia, questa volta preparata da mia cugina Rosanna….la TORTA di RISO e RICOTTA……

Good morning and Happy “Small Easter” for all the Sicilians in Sicily and the Sicilians/Italians abroad who will celebrate just with their thought ;)) Today I want to share with you a dessert from Southern Italy, a family recipe, made by my cousin Rosanna….a RICE and RICOTTA cake….


………..Also, we are going to start the month with a “My Sicily” booksigning at Fragapane Sicilian Bakery this Saturday, April 6 from 11am-1pm.  The event is free and open to the public.  If you want to try delicious pane {bread} or cannoli and other incredible sweets stop by on Saturday.   The bakery is located at 28625 North Olmsted.  Phone:  440-779-6050.  Look forward to seeing  many of you!

Fragapane Horse-Cart Logo



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