14,000+ “My SICILY” giveway with many good wishes!

I have 14,000+ things to be happy about today and that is thanks to you and all of your affection and support on this incredible journey!! We are these many and growing!!  Today I’m doubly enthusiastic because it’s also my birthday and look what just arrived from Sicily from my family and friends…..They know me quite well and know I love a good joke….

Sicilia torta

As I travel and interact with others for “My Sicily,” many people ask me what is my ultimate goal for my book?  How do I define success?  I want you to know that every day for me is a success, every encounter, every meeting, every presentation, every event, every experience that this year has brought and will bring in the coming months.  We have finalized book presentations and booksignings for the entire 2013 and I will announce closer to each event.  There are so many surprises ahead.  Stay tuned!!  Having come this far….is a success for me.  I could have not done it without the support and help of all my family and friends – my motivational force – and all those who believed in me and continue to believe and help me.  I’m deeply grateful for all that you have done, do and continue to do for me.  I don’t know how long this journey will last, I don’t put much pressure on me or others generally, but I can tell you that we will get comfortable and enjoy this adventurous ride – made sometimes of ups and sometimes of downs – that we will enjoy every moment and have fun, giving it our very best under all circumstances, most of all – that we will always be passionate about what we do, share our love.  The rest really, is in the hands of God – and as Papa Francesco just said this week – “che la Madonna vi custodisca e Dio vi benedica”  — May the Madonna protect you and God bless you.

Thank you for wanting to accompany me on this beautiful journey…..thanks to technology and new media I’m able to share every step of the way with you.  I consider my blog and my facebook two “digital diaries.” Thank you for sharing your life stories, memories, emotions, recipes with me and trusting that I will keep them safe.  You have enriched my life immensely and it is with deep and sincere gratitude that I would like to give the small gift of a FREE SIGNED COPY of My SICILY ……..if you just tell me “Why are you interested in Sicily?”  The most meaningful answer will win.

Grazie di cuore e a presto,




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