Testimonials: your help needed !!!

If you enjoyed reading “My Sicily” ……I’d love for you to email me your thoughts, emotions or reflections to mignosafrancesca@gmail.com for a new project I’m working on. A few lines will do! A thousand thanks….Grazie mille!!! …………Buona Domenica/Enjoy your Sunday! C-I-A-O

Here are some of the most recent reflections I received…..

Luis from Colombia {South America} wrote:  “Francesca, your book is magical….I can smell the lemons and hear you grandmother’s stories.”

Maria from New York wrote:  “Cara Francesca, grazie per aver scritto un libro cosi affascinante sulla nostra isola.  Lo utilizzero’ sicuramente per un gruppo di italiano che insegno.”    // “Dear Francesca, thank you for writing such a fascinating book on our island.  I will certainly use it for an Italian group I teach.”

Rosolino from Michigan wrote: “CARA FRANCESCA HO LETTO IL TUO LIBBRO CON GRANDE PIACERE.LEGGENDO  E MEDITANDO LO SCENARIO LA DOLCEZZA DEI VARI LUOGHI DELLA NOSTRA BELLA ISOLA  MI PORTAVA INDIETRO A  GIORNI DELLA PRIMA MIA GIOVENTU’HAI FATTO UN BUON LAVORO LETTERARIO. “   — Dear Francesca, I read your book with great pleasure.  Reading and reflecting on the scenaries and the sweetness of the various destinations of our beautiful island, I was brought back to my childhood.  You did an excellent literary work.”

Diana from Ohio wrote me: “I sat down to read My Sicily and did not put it down until I finished.  It is truly an enjoyable read.  I travel to Sicily every year and last year due to health issues I was unable to go.  Francesca writes with such vivid description I actually felt as though I was in Sicily.  My Sicily is the next best thing to being there.  It is a must have book for everyone with Sicilian roots and anyone who loves Sicily.”

Island of Panarea
Island of Panarea




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