12,000+ readers – My Sicily giveaway!!

The blog reached 12,000+ readers today!!! Grazie grazie grazie!!! The very least I can do is give away one book every so often….to thank you for your sweet support and love.  This time around, I would like for you to tell me what you enjoy most about the blog and why……. grazie di cuore, Francesca



4 thoughts on “12,000+ readers – My Sicily giveaway!!

  1. I love this blog because of the wonderful pictures of Italy that remind me of summer in the cold Cleveland winter. I love the posts about foods that I have long ago tried or have yet to sample. I love this blog because when I read it, in my mind I can hear Francesca saying it. I Iove the posts that contain Italian passages or sayings, so I can practice reading and understanding Itailian. I love because it makes me love Italy a place I have only been to in my mind.
    Grazie Francesca

    1. What a sweet comment, Joshua! You made my day :) Kindly send me your address at mignosafrancesca@gmail.com – Congratulations you are the winner of a free, autographed copy of “My Sicily” ! It will be my true pleasure to sign the book for you. Hope you enjoy this introductory journey to Sicily and hope that you will visit my native, magical island very soon! Ciao ciao and thanks for your constant support.

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