Tapas Siculo~Mediterranee

Sicilian homes will always have a constant staple:  l’antipasto.  Whether it is shared with family, friends or last minute guests you will always find what I like to refer to as “Tapas Siculo~Mediterranee.”   These are generally served on gorgeous platters and are nibbled on as guests await the “official” meal.  They are also enjoyed with some vino, or if you are not a fan, some fizzy water such as San Pellegrino, or better yet a Campari San Bitter {a particular non-alcoholic drink from Italy} or Chinotto {a sort of soda made from bitter Chinotto oranges from Southern Italy}.  They are primarily accompanied by focaccia or fresh bread, or a few crackers.  I research and study mostly my culture but also all of the cultures and cuisines of the Mediterranean basin, the lands of sunshine and vibrant energy – Spain, Portugal, Southern France, Greece, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia, Malta.  I have a particular fascination for these geographical regions of the world.  Perhaps, because they all possess similar, yet peculiar, flavors and colors – perhaps because I experience a general sense of wellness when I visit these stunning destinations that I have never experienced elsewhere ….

Our tapas siculo~mediterranee tonight included:

-Salame al merlot {Merlot salame}

-Prosciutto crudo di Parma {Prosciutto from Parma}

-Caciocavallo {a particular cheese from Southern Italy}

-Acciughe marocchine {Maroccan anchovies}

-Olive miste siciliane e greche {Mixed olives – Sicilian & Greek}

-Pomodori secchi di Pachino {Sicilian sun-dried tomatoes from Pachino}

-Pate’ di olive verdi, mandorle, capperi, carote, olio d’oliva {Pate’ made with green olives, almonds, capers, carrots, olive oil}

….here’s a snapshot of tonight’s Mediterranean delicacies from our table to yours….

Buon Appetito!



2 thoughts on “Tapas Siculo~Mediterranee

  1. beautiful Sicilian tapas, ready to go out on a drive to the country under olive and orange
    trees, lay out the blanket and have a great picnic under the majestic sun and blue sky,
    singing “La Dolce Vita”

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