Lettera d’Amore per Natale/Christmas/Noel/Navidad/Natal….

Carissimi Lettori/To All My Dearest Readers:

Gone are the days when love letters were still written and received – considered today a romantic notion of the past.  My parents exchanged love letters from Sicily to the USA….and my grandparents wrote love letters and poems from Sicily to South Africa, while my grandfather was a prisoner of war in British camps. It was World War II then.

Christmas is a spiritual holiday, a religious occasion, a season of divinely meditation.   It is a time when we remember the miraculous birth of Jesus, his humble beginnings and the union of Joseph and Mary.  Theirs is such a romantic story to me for it contains the foundation of true love, spirit, meaning and family.  If you are feeling stressed during this holiday season, take a moment to think again about the true essence of this holiday….it is not the material, but the spiritual.

Life and love are mysterious enigmas.  Though I’m a writer and feel so passionately about what I do – and hope that this will always transpire – the most significant happenings of my existence were emotions – they happened in the secret chambers of my heart, not on paper, nor on this blog.  Same goes for you.  Though this platform allows me to share events related to my book tour and reflections – I remain a very reserved person and so should you.  Even though social media has an impactful role in today’s society, I still retreat to pen and paper and nothing will ever replace a good “human conversation” over coffee or tea. Nothing. The most important achievements of my life were not in my writing, but in real life, they were moments of love and laughter shared with a very few individuals in my family and closest friends.  They also happened every time I loved and tried to demonstrate my love to others, every time I worked towards making a difference.   I hope that you will demonstrate your love and appreciation to those in your heart every day of the year, not just at this time.  If you loved with your full self, and were not reciprocated – and you know within yourself that you gave it your very best, God will show you the way.  If you are feeling lonely and sad – give your love to someone in need, help them – and their gratitude will fill your heart with love.

I hope that this Holy Christmas will be a time spent with those you love, with good laughter and fun conversation and the feeling in your heart that life is very good. If you are alive and healthy, life is already very good.  There is a remedy for everything else.  Fear not and believe.

2012 was a year of ups and downs – when I look back, I can tell you that publishing my first book in English and in the USA changed my life forever.  2013 will be quite an eventful year – many surprises to come…..I want to thank you for believing in me and for all your love and support in this trying year. I could have not made it without all of you.  In Sicilian we say: “Suli nun e’ bonu mancu ‘in pararisu” = It’s not good to be alone even in heaven/paradise! ;)

May 2013 be a year of light, love, abundance, health and clarity in every realm of your life!

I am on technology detox and retreat with my family for the holidays and will not write until next year ;))

I want to leave you with a quote from Padre Pio – I’m a strong devotee of his words and work – hope this gives you solace and inner peace no matter the challenges you face in your life.  Have faith and believe in yourself and the goodness of the human heart.

“Quando non riesci a camminare a gran passi per la via che a Dio conduce, contentati dei piccoli passi ed aspetta pazientemente che abbi gambe  per correre, o meglio ali per volare. Contentati, mia buona figliola, di essere per ora una piccola ape di nido che ben presto diventerà una  grand’ape abile a fabbricare il miele.”

English Translation: “When you are not able to walk in big steps/strides on the path that leads to God, be content with the small steps and wait patiently until you will have legs to run, or better, wings to fly.  Be content, my sweet daughter, to be a small bee close to your nest who will soon be a bigger bee able to produce honey.”

Con tutto il mio Amore – Buon Natale, Merry Christmas, Feliz Navidad, Feliz Natal, Joyeux Noel.

….until 2013!!!!!!!!!




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