“My Sicily” : international media announce around the world

My Sicily” traveled the world this week as news of its publication reached a number of international media outlets among which “Eccellenze Italiane” an online publication that documents the best “Made in Italy” across the globe –  “My Sicily” was nominated as one of the best for 2012!  I feel so honored….Grazie di cuore!!! Scrittori TV“, one of Italy’s leading online publications for writers also covered publication of my book.  Below is a summary by city.

In Palermo, Qui Sicilia – Notiziario di Emigrazione e Immigrazione: http://www.quisicilia.com/index.php?location=articolo&id_articolo=6195

In Milan, ItalPlanet: http://www.italplanet.it/interna.asp?sez=105&info=27368&ln=0

In Italy, Scrittori TV: http://www.scrittori.tv/news/101/a-francesca-mignosa-il-premio-letterario-giovanile-2012

In Rome, Italian Network: http://www.italiannetwork.it/news.aspx?id=40562

In Rome, Agenzia Internazionale Stampa Estero: http://www.aise.it/italiani-nel-mondo/associazionismo/131218-sicilia-mondo-francesca-mignosa-ohio-vince-la-xiii-edizione-del-qpremio-letterario-giovanile-2012q.html

In Rome, Inform: http://www.mclink.it/com/inform/art/12n22912.htm

Across the globe, Eccellenze Italiane: http://www.eccellenzeitaliane.tv/news.asp?idnews=1833&cat=13&page1=Sicilia-Mondo%3A-a-Francesca-Mignosa-il-Premio-Letterario-Giovanile-2012

eccellenze italiane



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