A persimmon: Sicilian Christmas pleasures….

La dimensione piu’ importante che la cucina offre all’esperienza umana e’ il piacere…..

La dimension mas importante que la cocina ofrece a la experiencia humana es el placer…

The most important dimension that cooking offers to the human experience is pleasure…..

*Photo: A persimmon (“Loto” in Italian/”Cache’ ” in Sicilian) heavily used during the Christmas season in Sicily….



2 thoughts on “A persimmon: Sicilian Christmas pleasures….

  1. I loooove this fruit. love love love! Except, I call it “kakhi”… have you ever heard it called this way? The first time I tried it was in Abruzzo. I buy at at Wal-mart here or Giant Eagle at times but Wal-mart seems to always carry it… Whole Foods has yummy ones too

    1. Ciao Caterina- no never heard of “Kakhi” ;) thanks for sharing! We love persimmons and use them abundantly this season. Wishing you and yours a joyful and peaceful holiday season. Thanks for all your support through the year!

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