Our Sicilian-American Thanksgiving ~

La Cucina e’ Amore ~ Cooking is/requires Love.

Let me tell you a secret: during this last journey to Italy/Sicily as we traveled from North to South and East to West…..I fell in love all over again con la cucina italiana!  Picked up new ideas for pairings, was deeply inspired and entertained throughout the boot at mercati, ristoranti, trattorie, tavole calde, boutique wineries, agriturismi {farms}.  I’m sure that many in the USA put a different spin on their Thanksgiving meal, and if you come from a different culture – you will add a few spices and twists from your own cuisine.  I love that!  Here are some of the highlights of our Sicilian-American Thanksgiving! Buon Appetito!

Brodino di pollo con farfalline ~ Wedding soup with mini “farfalle” pasta


Patate rosse al forno con sale marino siciliano, olio d’oliva e salvia ~ Oven roasted Yams with Sicilian marine salt, olive oil and sage
Contorno di pan grattato al mais, sedano, pere, mele, salsiccia al finocchio ~ Corn bread stuffing with celery, pears, apples and fennel sausage
Fagiolini alla Siciliana con pomodoro fresco e cipolle dolci ~ Sicilian green beans with fresh tomatoes and sweet onions
Summary of our Sicilian-American Thanksgiving plates
Torta di zucca con cannella, miele e noce moscata ~ Pumpkin pie with cinnamon, honey and nutmeg




4 thoughts on “Our Sicilian-American Thanksgiving ~

  1. Happy Thanksgiving my sister! What a wonderful meal we had today! Reading the article and seeing the photos I think I am going to have some more!!

  2. Hi Francesca! Sounds like you had a beautiful dinner. My Nonna always made the Italian Wedding Soup on Thanksgiving Day before we ate the Turkey and trimmings. Let us know if you are ever going to Barnes and Noble Westlake or any book signings on the west side. Gloria


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