November 24: on Radio Italia!!

Saturday, November 24 — I’ll be a special guest on Radio Italia {Solo Musica Italiana} with legendary Djs and Friends, Tony Marotta and Nick Zappitelli, on 91.1 FM from 5.30-7.30pm to talk about “My Sicily”! You can follow live on the web from anywhere in the globe here: G-R-A-Z-I-E !!


4 thoughts on “November 24: on Radio Italia!!

  1. Francesca,
    Have been reading your book, “My Sicily” and feel almost transported there….I smell the orange blossoms, taste the delicious food, feel the warmth of the sun, see the turquoise blue waters of the sea rolling and blending like watercolors and hear the vendors joking in the marketplace. “Your Sicily” ……..A place that does indeed sound like Heaven on earth.

    It was very nice to attend your booksigning, we enjoyed ouselves and appreciate you and your gracious family. Mille Grazie! Unless I can tape Radio Italia show, will not be able to tune in as gathering with family for “2nd part Thanksgiving” celebration at that time. Buona Fortuna con tutti!

      1. Cara Francesca
        La tua parole a come la musica – in your writing, in your book, and in your conversation you have a way with words that is musical, indeed. We do hope to travel to Italy to visit our relatives and God willing see “your Sicily” as well as the birthplace, Messina, of our maternal grandfather. I have a renewed desire to improve my basic ability of understanding and speaking the Italian language since enjoying a recent visit from my Zia Giovanna e Zio Carmine who live in Forli del Sannio (my father’s homeland) and experiencing the Miss Italia Pageant as well as your booksigning. Life’s busy schedule seems to always get in the way, but I will persevere to at the very least add words to my vocabulary and maybe someday be able to return to a class or group for conversational growth!. I will relay your comment to my sister, her husband and my husband.
        ~Un abbraccio e tanti baci!

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