30/30: The lands of sunshine & orange groves….

Buonasera/Buenas Tardes dear gentle readers ~

How are you doing? Have you missed me as much as I have missed you??

We have just returned from an incredible journey: 30 cities in 30 days through the lands of sunshine and orange groves {Sicily, Southern Italy, Spain and Italy}.  I have so many stories and photos to share and will intertwine them with news about my book tour in the upcoming days, weeks, months.  You can imagine what it means to put a writer in Europe….I felt like a kid in a candy store! Enamored by the breathtaking natural sceneries and la bella lingua italiana – so expressive and musical – taken by the numerous culinary delicacies I tasted from North to South, East to West, immersed in the history, the art and the culture of true beauty, overwhelmed by the love and laughter {l’affetto e l’allegria} that we were greeted with throughout the boot.  For now, I just wanted to say “CIAO/HOLA” to everyone – hope you are safe and warm after Hurricane Sandy.  Natural catastrophes are always an opportunity to revisit our lives, those we love and care for, but also a reminder of how frail we are as human beings and that each moment, each day must count, must be lived with passione and amore.   Stay tuned for many stories ! Thank you for your continued support.



Francesca in the sensual and evocative “Valley of Temples” in Agrigento, Sicily

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