Sicily/Southern Italy Tour 2012!!

We are off to Sicily/Southern Italy this week! After months of detailed planning, I’m delighted to announce that I will lead my first tour ever to Sicily and Southern Italy with Diana Maiola Cirino of Italian Tours & Travel by Diana! This exclusive journey will begin in the Lake Region up north and travel South to the warm and sensual regions of Puglia, Basilicata, Calabria and Sicilia.  Their raw essence and breathtaking sceneries will stun you as we take in the history, culture, art, cuisine and wines of these unforgettable destinations.  I was born on the island of the sun — as sunny as its people and culture is and am delighted to share my favorite places and people with you, those described in my book.  Some of the highlights of this journey are:

-Trulli d’Alberobello in Puglia – known for ithe peculiar architecture of “I Trulli”

-Matera,”La Citta’ dei Sassi Bianchi” – the City of White Stones where the Passion was filmed

-Tropea, a one-of-a-kind maritime town built on an elevated slope

-Taormina, Ortigia, Modica, Agrigento, Erice, Marsala, Cefalu’, Palermo, Caltagirone, Piazza Armerina in Sicily

I’ve created a special link for the “Sicily/Southern Italy” tour on my blog, with in depth details.  Please take a look if you wish to sign up now or in the future.    I will try to connect and write from abroad, but can’t promise as I’ll be quite busy.   If not, I’ll update you upon my return and know that I will have plenty of stories to share!

For more information you may also contact Italian Tours and Travel by Diana at 440-895-0011

Ciao ciao :)



4 thoughts on “Sicily/Southern Italy Tour 2012!!

  1. This tour sounds absolutely wonderful! I am going to seriously talk to my husband (as I am a newly wed) and consider taking a trip with you ;)

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