From Sicily to New York “con sentimento”….

New York City was my home in 2004-2005-2006 when, fresh out of college, I decided to embark on a glorious journey to the Big Apple as I wanted to practice and master the Art of Screenwriting.  In those years, I worked for a number of major American and Italian television networks, radio programs, documentaries and film productions.  Most of my days were spent either on a television set or behind the scenes reviewing and revising before production.  Though it is widely known, there is NO PLACE ON EARTH like New York – a city that is a hubbub of creativity, high concepts, design, and a lifestyle of its own.  Part of me, will always be a New Yorker, something my NYC friends always remind me of…

I spent last weekend in New York where my book promo kicked off with a number of meetings with Italian, American and surprising organizations that I won’t disclose until plans are finalized.  All I ever wanted to do with my book was share my personal story, my deepest emotions, my most favorite destinations, but also the layers of “Sicilianita‘” {being Sicilian} that are so authentic: its cuisine, language, art, architecture, culture, spirituality, identity and lifestyle.  Along the way, I dug deep into the essence of Sicilians, and this ancient Mediterranean Culture.  I want to share my personal story – but also Sicilian philosophies of life as I believe that this knowledge could be very useful to many.  I don’t mean to say that Sicilians are the best or the only race on the planet, by all means no, but I can say that Sicily is what I know best and wanted to offer a fresh perspective on a number of topics.  Furthermore, when you do something with “sentimento“, with passion and conviction and faith – you have taken the first step towards an amazing and often suprising journey.  Please continue to follow the blog and my Facebook account {Francesca V. Mignosa, Author} to remain up-to-date with events, presentations, interviews, photos and much more. Thank you for all your support and love.

I leave you here with some snippets of my travels to the one and only, New York City……buona notte, cari lettori!


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