GRAZIE, Lake Erie College!!

Yesterday, severe thunderstorms hit Northeast Ohio all day and, as I was getting ready for my evening presentation at Lake Erie College – I didn’t know really how many might show up.  I extended a few prayers and, accompanied by my Mom, we courageously made our way driving 1.5 hour each way to Painesville, Ohio.  Suddenly, the sun came out on the highway (mind you it was already 6.00pm), a gorgeous rainbow filled the skies as I relaxed knowing that when you have FAITH, all things are possible.

Dr Paola Basile (in red), Director of the Italian Language Department at Lake Erie College, Natascia (to my left) – President of “Il Convivio” and Joe (on the right), Vice President of “Il Convivio”

I’m always enchanted by American academic settings – Lake Erie College was no exception: quaint, quiet, picturesque, a lovely Ohioan institution marked by the Eastern coast feeling of red-brick buildings situated on the shores of Lake Erie.  As we entered the conference room where the presentation would take place, I was warmly greeted by Dr. Paola Basile, a dear friend and Director of the Italian Department at Lake Erie College, and her two delightful assistants: Natascia and Joe,  President and Vice President of “Il Convivio” – a cultural group dedicated to the study and dialogue on the Italian culture and language.  Another student, Gabriella, even made Sicilian “biscotti alla ricotta” for the occasion… can imagine how excited I was to see/taste these ;) Deliziosi, Gabriella!

Gabriella – GRAZIE per i biscotti alla ricotta ;) !! Deliziosissimi!! Brava!!

The room almost filled completely with a very attentive and quiet audience – who warmed up at the end of the presentation in a wonderful exchange of questions and answers on “My Sicily,” my native island, its culture, language, cuisine, philosophies on life and identity.  I absolutely love good conversation.  Though the event was supposed to end at 9.30, we finished by 10.00pm.

Due bellissime signore e amiche – two beautiful ladies and friends – my NEW READERS!!

I’m so touched by the warm hospitality and sweetness of last night’s event.  I want to thank everyone that contributed to its great success.  Thank you for inviting me to open this year’s series of cultural presentations at Il Convivio.  Please continue to be in touch and continue your study and dialogue on Italy and the Italian culture and arts in Northeast Ohio.  I’m honored and humbled to have met you.  Grazie di cuore.

Con Amore,



4 thoughts on “GRAZIE, Lake Erie College!!

  1. I was unable to attend your “My Sicily” Book Tour at Lake Erie College. I am most interested in knowing where you will speak again? Most importantly I wish to purchase the book “My Sicily”
    Kind Regards,


    1. Buonasera Patrizia! Thank you for your message and I’m sorry you missed the presentation at Lake Erie College. There will be plenty more from November onwards – please sign up for the blog and my Author Facebook page {Francesca V. Mignosa} to receive updates. I would love to meet you at an upcoming event! In the meantime, I have responded to your email about purchasing the book. It’s $26.70 (taxes included) plus shipping. Please let me know which option you prefer. Grazie mille for your support! Francesca

  2. Ciao Francesca, Molto bene. I learned a lot from your presentation and thought it was very soulful and personal. i especially liked the proverbs, the literary references and the anecdotes.
    Felicitaciones, Jaime Pavlish

    1. Mil gracias, Jaime! Thanks for coming to the presentation – the entire group/audience was delightful! Thank you for your support and please continue to follow the blog and my Author Facebook page {Francesca V. Mignosa}. Ciao ciao!

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