My Sicily: first book published!

Carissimi Lettori/Dearest Readers:

it has been a very long journey…….. but, at last, I’m delighted to share with you the news of the publication of my very first book:  “My Sicily: Life in the Cusp of the Mediterranean Sea! (2012).   The book is now on sale and can be purchased in the USA and across the globe with check or money order – $25.00 plus shipping fees.

Please follow my blog for updates on upcoming presentations, events, photos and my reflections along this exciting adventure!  I also invite you to “like” “Francesca V. Mignosa“, my Author page on Facebook!  Share the blog and Facebook page with your families and friends! I have many surprises in store for you……stay tuned!  GRAZIE for all your support!!

My fabulous editiorial team!!

8 thoughts on “My Sicily: first book published!

  1. Tantissimi auguri Fran per il tuo primo libro!!! Brava~~!!!! What better thing to do than for something you love…Sicilia!! Joyce

  2. Way to go Fra. I am sure this is a great book; and interesting as well just like your other projects. I am looking forward to getting a copy on Amazon.

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