A Gastronomic Tour of Liguria!

Trofie al pesto  {Copyright Francesca Mignosa}

My Papa’ is a Chef.  Before he ever considered becoming a Chef in the USA, cooking was always a part of my family’s history and home.   Papa’ is the traditionalist, Mamma the creative, I guess I consider myself “the global” … Continue reading

Portovenere & the Gulf of Poets

Portovenere, Liguria  {Copyright Francesca Mignosa}

Lord Byron, and his fellow poets and writers, chose well.  In an attempt to escape the decadent literary era of the U.K. they found the ideal retreat for contemplation and writing in this hidden Italian gem:  the village of Portovenere, tucked … Continue reading

31,000++ readers: My Sicily giveaway celebration!!

Buonasera a tutti!!

To celebrate the blog reaching 31,180 readers tonight…I’d like to offer a special “My Sicily” sale for $12.00 per copy (plus $3 shipping anywhere in the USA).  You may order online via PayPal by sending total payment of $15 to mignosafrancesca@gmail.com or mailing a check/money order to PO BOX 1053, Amherst OH 44001.   Thank you for your unending support the past three years…more travel reflections coming soon.   Notte, Francesca


Casa Hemingway in Key West

Ernest Hemingway's Studio in Key West - where "The Old Man and The Sea" was written  {Copyright Francesca Mignosa}

A dynasty of cats welcomed me to the home of internationally acclaimed Author Ernest Hemingway on the remote island of Key West.  Literally, a dynasty of 23 polydactyl cats lounging casually and roaming around the property at leisure undisturbed by the number of passing visitors. … Continue reading

Cocina Cubana in the Florida Keys and Southern Florida

Filet De Cherna {Grilled Grouper Filet} at El Siboney in Key West   {Copyright Francesca Mignosa}

In North America, March is the prelude to Spring.  Unlike many other countries across the globe, geographically speaking this region of the world is so North that true spring blossoms and perfumes the air – if we are lucky – by … Continue reading

April 1: Last day to sign up for Genuine Italy Tour!!

Cinque Terre coast of Italy with flowers

E’ Marzo!! It’s March!!   A gentle reminder that the last day to sign up/put deposits for the Genuine Italy Tour is April 1 !!  We depart on May 23!! For any questions, please email me at mignosafrancesca@gmail.com Hope you’ll be … Continue reading

30,000++ My Sicily giveaway and New Blog Design!!!

The blog just reached 30,000++ readers and to celebrate we re-launched the blog with a brand new, fresh and fun design!  I love it because it’s very simple and clear and hope that you will enjoy browsing.   Today, I have no questions for this My Sicily giveaway, one free autographed copy to be mailed anywhere in the world.  I would just like a comment from you knowing where you follow the blog from and what is mostly of interest to you.   I will soon publish a series of new travel, food, lifestyle, culture posts I have been developing.  As we begin countdown to spring, let’s bring new writing, new energy, new life to this space.  Grazie mille, a presto, Francesca


May 23-June 3, 2015: Join me for “Genuine Italy Tour”!!!

Cinque Terre coast of Italy with flowers

Buongiorno everyone! I’m thrilled to announce that I will be leading an exquisite “Genuine Italy” tour of Amalfi Coast, Roma, Toscana, Cinque Terre and Venice from May 23-June 3, 2015 (in collaboration with Italian Tours by Diana)!!! All details and … Continue reading

29,000++ readers: My Sicily giveaway!!


Buongiorno!!! Today I rise with 29,295 reasons to smile!!! YOU are that reason!!! Thank you for your constant and growing support through the years!!! We have grown together step after step, and I’m so thankful!!! I’d like to send a … Continue reading

My translation of Saint John Bosco’s “Il Giovane Provveduto {1885}” soon published in the USA!


Buon Pomeriggio Cari Lettori/Good Afternoon Dear Readers,

Happy New Year!!

I’m humbled and delighted to open the new year announcing that, after three months of work, I’ve completed the English translation of a very special manuscript written by Saint John Bosco in 1885  entitled “Il Giovane Provveduto.” 


I must thank Father Gabriel Lavery, CMRI, Resident Priest of Sacred Heart of Jesus Church in Akron {where Latin Mass is still served today!} for reaching out and inviting me to partake in this very special project.  

Although this is not the first English translation of the manuscript – this will be the most accurate and complete based on the 101st edition of the manuscript highlighting the teachings, prayers and spiritual advice Saint John Bosco wrote specifically for the youth.   Father Lavery will now review the work and we expect a publication  in the USA sometime between March and June 2015.   I will certainly let you know here on the blog – where you will also be able to purchase a copy-  so stay tuned! 

I want to close with a special quote by Saint John Bosco

“Walk with your feet on Earth, but your heart in Heaven.”

Thank you for your kind attention and interest.  

May 2015 be a blessed year for all of you and your families!  

Grazie, Francesca

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